Because the visual image is so powerful, hastily designed and implemented home cinemas tend to overlook the sound provided by the installation. Loudness substitutes for fidelity and accuracy. The number of speakers is taken as an indication of the quality of the installation. And yet something is inevitably left lacking. Sound and image are at odds and the overall effect can be unexpectedly hollow.

Our belief is that the core of a home cinema should be an integrated and well-designed audio system. The effect of sound, although subservient to the image in this case, nevertheless is integral to the entire experience of cinema. Next time you are watching a film at a cinema, close your eyes for a moment and feel the effect of the sound system in the theatre. If well designed, it's impact is palpable.

And so that is where we begin. The foundation is the sound; the main structure is the image. Without attention to both, the experience will leave you wanting.

The result is a home cinema experience that captivates eyes, ears, and soul.

We carry fine makes of projectors such as Digital Projection and DreamVision among others.